MMA Battle Arena Leicester: Vidler v Baria


The main event saw a resilient performance from Joe Vidler who pushed the bout towards the ground in every round; where Ranjeet Baria looked so comfortable awaiting his opportunity. Vidler defended a whole array of submissions and Baria slipped smoothly into mount several times landing strikes and attempting to make Vidler give up some form of submission. As Joe took a top position it was here where the long legs of Leicester Shootfighter Baria took position and secured the British LW title with a triangle.

A bit of controversy as the referee finished the bout to the displeasure of Phil Tomkins who was admirable to his opponent Josh Neale regardless. Neale was strong throughout and following a big slam he worked fast on the ground, searching for many submissions including several armbars. At first Tomkins managed to step over and pull out his arm but later in the round the referee stopped without a tap, fearing injury to the fighter. Josh is now the ISKA BW British Champion much to the delight of his many traveling fans.

Chris Fensom showed some raw talented despite being unrefined in areas to get the win against James Bray. A few decent exchanges from both saw Bray land some good knees before the tall Fensom took control on the ground, gaining mount and striking from top position. As Bray tried to defend, he aptly gave up an arm for Fensom to take home the British MW title.

Matt Bolsover finished Dan Wilce in style after absorbing some powerful knees to the thigh that initially moved the bout to the ground. On the canvas Bolsover grappled his way to a more dominant position and kept busy with some strong strikes as Wilce tried to cover up. Bolsover stood and as Wilce rose to his feet Matt delivered a killing head kick sending him straight back, following up with some ground and pound for the win and British LHW title.

A hard fought battle from both Johnny Gillian and Kevin Richardson across the whole bout that made each round difficult to score. Gillian threw some head kicks in the first but slipped and gave Richardson the advantage and the round. Although in the following two Gillian pressured his opponent on the cage, canvas and came across well in the judges eyes to take a split decision win and the National ISKA MW title.

Josh McManus destroyed Jason James with a composed approach in all areas, landing one crisp strike after another; it was a head kick that shuck the life out of James and led to the end. McManus carefully but quickly followed up with a barrage of strikes that continues as James landed on the ground. From the canvas Josh locked a deep guillotine, tightening his guard and taking the win.

Things did not go to plan as Lewis Gannon came up short against Greshna Adem who was more than well prepared to defend against Gannon’s wrestling game. With no success in the takedown department, Adem then showed up Lewis with his striking and the first two rounds saw a heavy hitting overhand right land several times. However, Gannon did survive all three rounds as Greshna Adem took the decision victory.

Marrius Kobesko looked to have the better conditioning through the first two rounds as little clearly separated the fighters. Even though Sam Stockdale found his second wind and unleashed some great hammerfists in the final 3 minutes it wasn’t enough to secure him the win as Kobesko takes the split decision.

Initially, it was Jay Oliver who came out the strongest landing some big punches as these two heavyweights clashed. However, as both fighters looked tired it was a solid left hook from Sam Hill that dropped Oliver who then had to wait a little long for the referee to stop the ground and pound finish.

Straight out after touching gloves Ash Snart shoots in with the double-leg to put Danny Edwards on his back. Wrestling up against the cage Snart drops to the leg, turns and secures a very quick ankle lock for the win.

A very aggressive Damien Ammar gave James Jones no time to compose himself as he gained victory after some vicious ground and pound. Ammar looked tired in the second but still managed to combine his strikes with head kicks that kept Jones at distance and always guessing. Another impressive win added to the MMA Gym.

The French athlete Mohammed Addajou looked to make an instant impact as he came out with fast and diverse striking in the first round that was met with the toe hold and leg submissions of Piotr Bitels. However, the second saw a considered approach by Bitels who then turned the bout definitely in his favour and finished calmly with ground and pound from a high mount.

A strong top game performance from Wade Bass of 1st Legion Fighters Gym as he simply outpointed Ricky Green on the ground while working well in side control and shaking off the submission attempts against him with ease. The bout concluded with a cheer as the local lad Bass took home the decision.

Daniel Bloomfield reached into his punches far too much as Jake Constantiou looked calm and considered. A poorly attempted takedown from Bloomfield allowed for Constantiou to gain the advantage, where he then slipped into mount effortlessly. Following some ground and pound Bloomfield gave up his back where Jake sunk in a tight choke until the end of the round. However as Constantiou stood, Bloomfield lay there motionless and the referee called a stop to the rest of the fight from then onwards.

All three rounds took place on the ground and although Craig Rummings spent the majority of it on top it was Craig Smith who was the more active using the rubber guard and narrowly missing the opportunity to finish in the second with a triangle. The judges clearly saw the more active fighter in Smith handing him the decision.

It was only a matter of time as Brett Francis repeatedly met the chin of Danny Holt glancing his left through the fairly inexistent guard of Holt, where after the sixth or seventh cleanly landed shot his legs finally gave way. A little action from Francis on the ground concluded the bout as he took home the win via TKO.

Some good striking from both parts and although as fearless as Daniel Szuper was, Dan Beckett was both superior in power and accuracy. In the second Beckett managed to mount Szuper up against the cage and as soon as some distance was created from the fence he released some continuous ground and pound forcing the referee to stop the bout.

Leicester Shootfighter Alex Feary imposed a good game against Michael Zarkoski, taking him down early in both rounds and transitioning smoothly between north/south position and side control. It was in the second when in side control, where Feary finally got the better of Zarkoski, wrenching his right arm out and under for the win by Kirmura.

Wade Bass out worked Ricky Green in all three rounds to claim the victory with some great positional play in side control and looking far more comfortable in front of an audience. Green attempted to escape but Wade maneuvered well at each step.

Matt King was superior in all areas against 1st Legions Brazilian Junior Bueno and after opening up his face in the first he continued to pile the pressure both on the ground and when given the opportunity to strike. King was unlucky to not secure several submissions across the first two rounds but Bueno was resilient to hang in to the final bell.

A quick armbar win for Gianni Briggenshaw as he was all over Fusion MMA’s Daniel Smith who could do little as Briggenshaw smothered and governed the pace of the bout from the ground.

Shudan MMA’s Steve Li was impressive on his feet landing some crisp shots against the power punches coming his way from Dave Gould. However across the full three rounds it was the ground game and dominant take downs from Li that took the decision.

Rob Large had to endure some heavy knees to his body as Jordan Hill looked to wear him down across the three rounds. However, on the ground Large transitioned well, searched for submissions and stayed active to take the tie.

After a scrappy start, Luke Carter scrambled well on the ground, working successfully off his back, where he was consistently looking for submissions. After Josh Demoux avoided the armbar he could do little as Carter repositioned to secure the eventual triangle and the win.

The majority of the Paul Gannon bout was spent on the ground as he used the single leg well to wrestle David Gillian down and keep his opponents back on the mat. On their feet Gillian displayed some great striking techniques and had Gannon in trouble with a flying knee in the third; but there was just too much time was spent on his back as it went to judges decision.

Dave Read opened well by keeping the distance with his kicks and at times had the better of the striking. Kieron Kiffin picked his shots well, landing hard and catching many of those kicks to take the action to the floor. After crumbing Read against the cage in the third, Kiffin applied a guillotine choke from his knees to finish.


Kieron Kiffin beat Dave Read 0:17 RND3, Submission (Guillotine)
Paul Gannon beat David Gillan 3:00 RND3 Spilt Decision
Luke Carter beat Josh Demoux 2:21 RND1 Submission (Triangle)
Rob Large beat Jordan Hill 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision
Steve Li beat Dave Gould 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision
Gianni Biggenshaw beat Daniel Smith 1:56 RND1 Submission (Armbar)
Matt King beat Junior Bueno 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision
Alex Feary beat Michael Zarkoski 1:44 RND2 Submission (Kirmura)
Dan Beckett beat Daniel Szuper 1:22 RND2 TKO (Strikes)
Brett Francis v Danny Holt 1:36 RND1 TKO (Punch)
Craig Smith beat Craig Rummings 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision
Jake Constantiou beat Daniel Bloomfield 3:00 RND1 Referee Stoppage
Wade Bass beat Ricky Green 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision
Piotr Bitels beat Mohammed Addajou 1:12 RND2 TKO (Strikes)
Damien Ammar beat James Jones 1:17 RND2 TKO (Strikes)
Ash Snart beat Danny Edwards 1:02 RND1 Submission (Ankle Lock)
Sam Hill beat Jay Oliver 2:39 RND1 TKO (Strikes)
Marrius Kobesko beat Sam Stockdale 3:00 RND3 Spilt Decision
Greshna Adem beat Lewis Gannon 3:00 RND3 Unanimous Decision
Josh McManus beat Jason James 2:35 RND2 Submission (Guillotine)
Johnny Gillian beat Kevin Richardson 3:00 RND3 Split Decision
Matt Bolsover beat Dan Wilce 2:26 RND1 TKO (Punches)
Chris Fensom beat James Bray 3:18 RND1 Submission (Armbar)
Josh Neale beat Phil Tomkins 2:29 RND1 Technical Submission (Armbar)
Ranjeet Baria beat Joe Vidler 1:27 RND3 Submission (Triangle)

Front Row MMA Awards

Fight of the Night: Josh McManus v Jason James
KO of the Night: Matt Bolsover
Submission of the Night: Ash Snart