A brief but tentative start before USA’s Matt Veach began looking for takedowns that were just not there as Jimmy Wallhead denied the wrestler getting anything on him. As Wallhead began to become more comfortable, the opening for his own takedown emerged and from top position Jimmy rained down elbows that split the face and head of Veach with ease. Against the cage and bleeding, Veach could do nothing as Wallhead took the former UFC fighters back and secured the rear naked choke for the win.

As expected Max Nunes landed some powerful shots but Marcin Larzarz gave little away by closing the gap quickly against the cage and neutralising the power of Nunes in the first round. Larzarz proved the stronger as things progressed in the second, moving Nunes to the ground and having the better of the action on top, although Nunes consistently looked dangerous. The third saw Nunes power his opponent to the ground and drop those powerful hands to the face of Marcin, draining him of his will to continue with every shot.

Three rounds were needed with a game of grappling chess to decide the BAMMA British LW title. Curt Warburton worked hard within the first, imposing his game against the cage and working Steven Ray to the ground; landing many shots that slowly softened up the Scotsman. However, Ray returned in the second with a dominating performance and from the canvas Steven actively searched for that back mount and choke, putting Warburton in troubled waters several times. In the end, the experience and composer of Warburton was just too much for the title holder as Curt returned to his strengths from the first round and spent the third attached to Ray, landing shots, clearly taking the round and eventually the belt.

After shaking the first punches from Luke Newman, Ryan Scope took the first round to the TUF smashes contestant throwing him around the octagon with a secure back mount. Newman then worked to his feet and dropped the local, Scope with a deadly knee to the abdomen, following him to the floor for some ground and pound. Scope sucked up the punishment and applied the quickest and slickest triangle while Newman struck down.

The first round opened and closed with success for Scott Askham who worked well in the clinch landing many clean knees against opponent Harry McLeman, who then spent considerable time on his back throughout the round. Askham was stuck to McLeman for the entirety of the second but just couldn’t find the submission or room to posture and strike. The third was following a similar pattern until Team Matrix’s Askham finally found the back and neck of McLeman and finished the fight.

Leeroy Barnes drops Steve Watson with a strong left hook and instantly pulls guard, locking in a devastatingly deep guillotine. It was just a matter of time as Barnes looks to referee Mark Woodard waiting for the signal to release the strangled Watson.

Both fighters exchanged well on their feet but Thomas Denham was superior throughout the first, hitting hard wherever the action took place. Several left hooks from Denham followed by a strong knee in the second, really opened up Brett McDermott before he took Denham to the canvas. From side control McDermott had some success with some sharp elbows but Denham breezed to the back of his opponent and locked on a deep rear naked choke for the win.

Unusual displays of grappling within the first round as both fighters find themselves in awkward situations but work hard to try and keep some defensive position. Against the cage Steven Gardener slips smoothly to the back of Mahmood Besharate who spends that majority of the second defending the rear naked choke with a great degree of patience. As the fight closes Besharate continuously looked to wrestle and smoother Gardener from a top position as both athletes work hard for a tightly decided bout.

An early leg kick from James MacAlister ensured that Steve McCombe spent the entirety of the first round trying to avoid elbow strikes, briefly defending a rear naked choke attempt as the round closed with a dominating grappling performance from James. Two head kicks from the Scotsman opened up the second, before the action returned to the floor and after a glancing blow from the elbow of MacAlister, the bloodied McCombe gave up his back as James secured the choke.


Jimmy Wallhead beat Matt Veach 3:05 RND1, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Max Nunes beat Marcin Larzarz 1:12 RND3, TKO (Strikes)
Curt Warburton beat Steven Ray 5:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Ryan Scope beat Luke Newman 4:00 RND1, Submission (Triangle)
Scott Askham beat Harry McLeman 4:13 RND3, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Leeroy Barnes beat Steve Watson 0:47 RND1, Submission (Guillotine)
Thomas Denham beat Brett McDermott 3:58 RND2, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Mahmood Besharate beat Steven Gardener 5:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
James MacAlister beat Steven McCombe 3:08 RND2, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Front Row MMA Awards

Fight of the Night: Curt Warburton v Steven Ray
KO of the Night: Max Nunes
Submission of the Night: Ryan Scope