Lionheart FC 2 - Wilde v Williams


There is no doubt of the power that Tim Wilde has behind every strike as he looked to break the face and will of Dean Williams who did well to survive the first round as he consistently looked for takedowns. Wilde worked out his opponent quickly and the attempts were met every time with a swift knee that would have finished most men but Williams held on. The second began with Dean looking tired and taking his time to return to his feet after Wilde had his way with him on the canvas with a series of ground and pound onslaughts. The bout concluded as Tim beat what life Williams had left and slipped swiftly around the back for a deep and convincing choke for his professional debut win against a far more experienced opponent.

Luke Purchase caught Ben Langley with a short left hook that stunned his opponent and allowed Purchase to open up with a whole series of punishments before taking the fight to the canvas. Transitioning well from an arm triangle to mount, Luke was in full control even when Langley looked to return to his feet as Purchase kept himself on top and locked in the D’arce choke for the win.

Jay Grazier came out the stronger at the end of the first after some initial strength on top by Tobias Reid as both athletes scrambled well throughout but with Grazier just edging; spending longer on top throughout the round. The second saw similar efforts as a well timed sweep allowed Jay to gain and keep top position after giving up his back midway through the round, turning into Reid’s guard and finishing strong. The final round saw Grazier take the lead by initiating the takedown as both tussled for a position to strike or finish with little action of any real definition as both fighters neutralised each other in the closing minutes of the fight with Jay Grazier taking the split decision.

A frantic pace as both Mani Singh and Ashley Walters traded with each other from the offset, with both fighters tagging each other but it was a straight right from Walters that put Singh on the mat. Back on their feet Singh locked up the arm and head of his opponent and with an adapted judo technique tossed Walters to the floor and remained in the arm triangle position that ended the bout in quick succession.

Some big footwork from Jack Owen that kept him well out of the reach of Ryan Tomlinson as Owen flung his opponent to the ground after being in an awkward position against the cage. The takedown put Owen straight into mount where he quickly stepped up and over for the submission win, extending the arm for the tap out after some quick adjustments.

Ricky Greenway closed the gap quickly, pushing the action against the cage and leaving himself open to strikes after catching an early couple from his opponent. Greenway welcomed the strikes and Mike Williams responded by landing two big bombs, dropping Greenway and following up on the ground with a few knees to body and a deep choke from behind to secure the win.

A sweet feint following a right jab allowed Nial Reid an early takedown before a scramble led to Chris Cliff taking top position. From the ground Reid sprung into an armbar and had Cliff’s arm bent back on itself, only to not find a win by submission in the first. Reid continued his domination on the ground in the second, searching for a better position while wrestling strongly in side control. The final round again featured on the canvas but with Cliff having the better of the round, scrambling to the top and landing some good ground and pound to the body as the fight closes and Reid takes the decision.

A scrappy first two rounds as Owen Pointer did well to use the teap and some leg kicks to keep his distance from Dale Challender who looked to step in close and use the knees, sweeping over a short left hook where possible. The final round saw both fighters swinging for the fences, showing much heart and being a difficult bout to call as the decision went the way of Challender.

Ross Baker looked to work the leg kicks in the first round of this K1 bout only to be met with an onslaught of striking from Pscyman Pocora, who kept finding the left hook as Baker dropped his guard. A powerful straight right by Pocora, counted a leg kick that led to standing count by the referee. Baker came out rejuvenated in the second and was on the receiving end of an illegal knee to the head as he fell to the canvas; resulting in a point deduction for Pocora. However, Pscyman recovered his form and dealt a deadly head kick that Baker somehow survived. The third round saw the best of Baker as his opponent looked tired but it was not enough to swing the judges decision.


LW – Tim Wilde beat Dean Williams RND2, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
AM LW – Luke Purchase beat Ben Langley RND1, Submission (D’arce Choke)
AM LW –Jay Grazier beat Tobias Reid RND3, Split Decision
AM LW – Mani Singh beat Ashley Walters RND1, Submission (Arm Triangle)
AM CW (72Kg) – Jack Owen beat Ryan Tomlinson RND1, Submission (Armbar)
AM CW (80Kg) – Mike Williams beat Ricky Greenway RND1, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
AM FW – Nial Reid beat Chris Cliff 3:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision
K1 100Kg – Dale Challender beat Owen Pointer 2:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision
K1 81Kg - Pscyman Pocora beat Ross Baker 2:00 RND3, Majority Decision

Front Row MMA Awards

Fight of the Night: Tim Wilde v Dean Williams
Submission of the Night: Mani Singh