Punch Up Promotions Fight Night 4

As Shah Hussain stood in front of his opponent, Stuart Barrs replied with an array of kicks to the body and legs of Hussain that mentally spurned him into the next gear. Stacked on top of the Pure MMA fighter, Hussain began to pummel away and land the odd elbow as Barrs bridged to form an escape. However, Shah moved well to lock in his hooks and attempting to stretch out Stuart for the submission as the first round closed. Barrs kept his hands low and looked tired as Hussain cautiously engaged but Shah kept his opponent backed up agaisnt the cage for the majority of the second round. Barrs dropped to his feet and allowed Hussain to again secure back mount; spending what was left attempting to find a rear naked choke. The final round saw a very tired Stuart Barrs who threw the occasional leg kick with some venom but struggled to put much else together as Hussain looked to pick apart and score well with the judges. Barrs egged on his opponent and off his back managed to land some strikes to the head before exciting the crowd with a guillotine attempt. However, Hussain had done plenty across three rounds to secure the win in the main event.

The cage shakes as these two heavyweights wrestle across the cage for position with Darren Moore engaging first and narrowly missing being on receiving end of an undercut from Patryk Chmielwski. A scramble against the side of the cage allows Chmielwski to take a high mount and terrorise the head Darren Moore with crushing unanswered blows. A gallant competitor in Moore who handed over his belt to the new champion Patryk Chmielwski with class and dignity.

Straight into defence mode for Alex Johnson as Michael Younis mauls his way through Johnson in exceptional style, tossing him around the cage and pounding his way to victory without any return or response. Younis gained a dictating mount that dwarfed the talents of his opponent who could only twist, turn and cover up to the power that Micheal had in his strikes. Younis takes the light heavyweight amateur title at Fight Night 4.

A battle on the feet where Danny Watson grew into his striking against Johny Dawson, throwing oblique kicks and delivering a handy spinning back fist that really led to the first round being Watson’s. A change of tactics saw Dawson steam through with a double-leg takedown as the second opened. From the canvas Dawson landed some heavy punches and took the back of Watson several times but could not position his second arm to secure the choke. A bloodied Watson hunted his opponent around the outside of the cage but failed to land cleanly in the third eventually giving Dawson the opportunity to shoot and get off some brief pounding before going to the scorecards. All three judges scored in favour of Johny Dawson after mounting a come back from the first round to take the final two of the bout.

A nice little outside trip landed Harry Marple straight into side control where he advanced his position well against the experienced amateur fighter Andy Smith to dominate the first round. Marple was slick in the way he passed the guard of Smith and used the positioning to soften up his opponent in the second, looking for a kirmura and hooking in for a brief rear naked choke attempt as the round closed. The closing round saw both fighters trade on their feet with Harry landing a big right hand to stumble Andy across the octagon to the apparent delight of Smith. Again Marple moved into mount and after delivering some blows the 22 year old pulled off a taut armbar to win in an impressive style across all three rounds.

Mike Smallbones was a savage on his feet, delivering kicks and punches with an unrelenting pace that were soaked up by Faisal Mehmood who in turn was brutal when the action moved to the floor. As Mehmood secured mount, he dished out a barrage of strikes, looking for the rear naked choke when presented with the back of Smallbones but squeezing out the finish with his ground and pound with only a second left on the clock.

Some wild strikes from Louis Webster as Jason Culloty looked composed and dealt some harsh dirty boxing in return. A big slam allowed Culloty to gain mount, where Webster bridged, giving up his back. Jason locked in the rear naked choke, almost standing back up with the submission to secure the tap with both athletes on their knees.

Mike Brooks had to close the gap quickly after being caught with a clean left jab from Dan Moffat, which briefly put Brooks on the back foot. The opening round saw Dan attempting to strike whereas Mike looked to avoid this by locking up on the ground or against the cage. A right cross and head kick from Moffat knocked some of the will out of Brooks who then spent the majority of his time in the second round defending against the Pure MMA. Another head kick from Dan shook his opponent who looked tired as the third round began and as Brooks held his hands dangerously low. A crisp punch and swift head kick finished Brooks in style as he slumped down the side of the cage.

As the bout opened, Janine Ellis looked to move the fight against the cage but Michelle Jones had a powerful wrestling base that allowed her to control and reposition Ellis who was on the end of some unanswered strike as the round closed. In the second, Ellis again moved things against the cage in an attempt to secure a takedown but Jones powered her way to a controlling half guard position endeavoring to get some room to strike. The final round saw Michelle again gain the advantage on the ground and finally finding the opportunity to posture and strike; winning across on all three scorecards to take the bout.

Both fighters exchanged a series of knees as the action was pushed against the cage but as Liam Cullen looked for a takedown and tussled Gareth Burns to his knees he fell pray to a tight guillotine. Burns was quick and clinical with the submission, clearly hurting Cullen who tapped quickly.

Nathan Clayton was very quick off the mark, rushing Adam Knight and taking things straight to the canvas where he searched for a guillotine. Before having the chance to secure the choke, referee Mark Woodard halted the bout for a cut that transpired in a clash when the two went to ground. The medics deemed that the fight could not continue, gaining Clayton the win on his debut.

A competitive opening as both flyweight fighters stood in each others pockets with Jon Robertson searching for a big overhead right, while opponent, Tom Clarke looked for the head kick finish. The second round saw a mistimed kick from Robertson actually fall advantageous to him and as the action moved to ground, a quick reversal allowed him to work some ground and pound. Clarke stepped up the pace in the final round doing his upmost to keep the dominant position against a very agile Robertson as both traded transitions and submission attempts before the judges awarded the bout to Jon Robertson via a split decision.


Shah Hussain beat Stuart Barrs 5:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Patryk Chmielwski beat Darren Moore 1:23 RND1, TKO (Strikes)
Michael Younis beat Alex Johnson 1:13 RND1, TKO (Strikes)
Johny Dawson beat Danny Watson 3:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Harry Marple beat Andy Smith 2:54 RND3, Submission (Armbar)
Faisal Mehmood beat Mike Smallbones 2:59 RND1, TKO (Strikes)
Jason Culloty beat Louis Webster 2:05 RND1, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Dan Moffat beat Mike Brooks 0:31 RND3, KO (Kick)
Michelle Jones beat Janine Ellis 3:00 RND3, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Gareth Burns beat Liam Cullen 1:42 RND1, Submission (Guillotine)
Nathan Clayton beat Adam Knight 0:25 RND1, TKO (Referee Stoppage)
Jon Robertson beat Tom Clarke 3:00 RND3, Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Front Row MMA Awards

Fight of the Night: Johny Dawson v Danny Watson
KO of the Night: Dan Moffat
Submission of the Night: Harry Marple