AMMA FC - Liam Corrigan vs Richard Cosgrove

(C) Joe Hughes, Capture CombatFront Row MMA recently caught up with Leicester Shootfigters Liam Corrigan about his AMMA Fighting Championships bout on Saturday 17th March where he faces off against the talented Richard Cosgrove. For those who haven't been to an AMMA event, then you're missing out on some quality match ups and for those who haven't seen Liam fight then your missing a grappling master with more to his game to show and prove.

FRMMA: Firstly, Liam tell us at Front Row MMA how this match up came about and what were your first thoughts on hearing it being confirmed?

Liam: Basically my coach Nathan Leverton (see Nathan feature in a coaching special) was looking at different places for some of the lads to fight and Cosgrove was offered to him so he put it to me and I thought it would be a good test to fight out of Leicester against a good level opponent.

FRMMA: What do you know about AMMA as a promotion and your opponent Richard Cosgrove?

Liam: I don't know a great deal about AMMA to be honest, the rules I'm fighting are slightly different to what I'm usually fight under but actually work in line with how I train for each fight so it will work out well for me. I've seen a lot of footage of Rich he's been around a while and I know what he brings to the table.

FRMMA: Now Cosgrove’s record is hard to confirm online has that played any hindrance in your approach to him or your preparations?

Liam: I don't really care what his record is. Records don't mean shit, its how u fight on the night. Im unbeaten but it doesn't mean im gonna roll through people without training hard and being prepared. I know hes fought pro and Ill rise to the level necessary on the night to get the win.

FRMMA: Either way he’s a tough opponent who went the distance at the last AMMA FC, narrowly winning a split decision. With your experience do you see this bout going into the third round with similar outcomes?

Liam: Im ready to go the whole distance, if needed I can grind it out but i'm looking to finish

FRMMA: With almost near perfect takedown and takedown defense percentages in your previous bouts do you think this will be a key part of how this bout plays out?

Liam: I think that's a key part of most MMA fights, i train for the fight to go everywhere so im looking to be better in every position/situation. 

FRMMA: You must admit that your strongest tool is your triangle? Do you think Cosgrove will have prepared for it and does that help or hinder yourself or its use?

Liam: Im sure he'll be training every aspect of his game for this fight but usually when I get triangles I finish them, ive got a million setups and counters for counters so if the opportunity presents itself im sure i can finish by triangle but I don't really look for it in MMA that's my grappling style, there's A LOT more to my MMA game than that.

FRMMA: In the back end of 2011 you became an amateur lightweight champion for another promotion. How has that experience allowed you to develop? Will you be looking to defend that title in 2012? Would you like to fight for the same title at AMMA in the near future?

Liam: Fighting for any title pushes you hard in the gym and that makes you develop very quickly because every opponent is gonna get tougher and tougher en-route to the belt. My life is very busy and I really want to defend that belt this year but I take everything a step at a time and focus on what's right in front of me. Im not thinking about anything other than this fight.

FRMMA: Who’s the toughest opponent you faced to date? Can you explain and take us through that bout?

Liam: Ranjeet Baria is the toughest opponent ive faced so far. He whoops my ass so I have to keep improving all the time. In the cage the Matt Harrison fight but more because I felt that I fought like shit and made it hard work for myself. I took that fight as a loss because I didn't perform to the standard I set myself and have improved all the things I felt I did wrong.

FRMMA: Why should your loyal supporters and the AMMA crowd be looking forward to this bout?

Liam: People should look forward to seeing me scrap it out and leave everything in the cage, I always work hard in the gym and I like to think that comes across in my fights.

FRMMA: Is there anyone you’d like to thank, give dedications to or even call out? Any parting words for Richard Cosgrove?

Liam: I never have anything to say to opponents, actions speak louder than words. I want to thank Nathan Leverton, Rob 'Suga' Hannis, Ranjeet 'Suave' Baria, JD 'The Catch' Hylton and everyone from Leicester Shootfighters. Also everyone who supports me especially my girlfriend Hazel for putting up with me,oh and number 1 fan Mark Crofts as always.