Nathan Wilson talks Charles Libor ahead of Made 4 the Cage 6 - I plan on fighting my game plan, not his

Scottish born Nathan Wilson (5-1-0) looks to extend his impressive amateur record against the tough Charles Libor (2-0) when Made4theCage returns to Rainton Meadows on June 16th. Front Row MMAcaught up with Nathan ahead of what looks to be a top bout on the undercard.

FRMMA: First of all how is the training going in preparation for Made4theCage and how has the Scottish scene help prepare you for this bout?

NW: My training is going well and my preparation for the fight is almost done. I have been training hard for the fight with my fight prep being over the the last 8-10 weeks. I have a strong team at the gym which helps me mentally and physically train and give a lot of support and push me to my limits in training.

FRMMA: How did the bout against Libor come about and how do you feel about (1) the matchup and (2) fighting on the Made4theCage promotion?

NW: The match up for Made4theCage was set up through a friend of a friend and that's how I got to know Dale Percival (the shows promoter) who set up the match up between me and Charles Libor. I'm happy about the match up between me and Charles and I am really looking forward to fight him on June 16th on Made4theCage6. Made4theCage is one of the biggest MMA shows in the UK and I can't wait to be on it.

FRMMA: Take us through your last bout, how was that and how did it go now you can reflect on the night. Any lessons learnt?

NW: My last MMA bout was on April 15th at Clash of the Clans in Dalkieth, Edinburgh. I won the fight via submission 1:48secs of the first round againt Dean clark (2-3-0). It was a good win for me and I was happy about my performance that night.

I went in for the win and I came back with it.

FRMMA: You've had a few of your amateur bouts go the distance, what made the difference throughout those bouts and are the opponents your facing becoming harder to finish?

NW: Yes I've had a couple of fights that went the distance which I was happy with as every MMAbout is different. Either it stays stood up or your both of you are matched on the ground and that's happened in those fights of mine that went the distance. The guys and fights are getting better and are evenly matched which is good to test me as a fighter.

Coutesy of Nathan Wilson, (C) FRMMA: Do you think you have the tools to finish Libor before the end of the first or are you set for going the distance?

NW: I'm an all rounded fighter, I like standing or going to the ground and I'm confident in both aspects. I've trained hard in both areas and I plan to finish the fight in the first but im happy to go the distance if needed.

FRMMA: Your opponent Charles Libor is an accomplished wrestler who will look to take things to the floor. What do you think of his chances of this or being successful against you in the takedown and grappling game?

NW: I have a lot of respect for Charles, he's a fighter and he'llhave some tools to use with a strong team behind him but I've worked hard on stopping takedowns and working on the ground.

He is a strong guy in that area (wrestling) and I plan on fighting my game plan, not his but I'm hoping to have a good fight on the night.

FRMMA: Anybody you would like to thank?

NW: I'd like to thank Enzo Parente and all the guys at Team Parente Gym for the support and training. Also I would like to thank my sponsor Rabb at Physique Bodyshop for the help and support and finally my wife Nikki for the support at home.