Joanne Calderwood: Ready To Fight Every Weekend


Joanne 'BAD MOFO' Calderwood recently elbowed her way to a decision win over Livia Von Plettenberg at Invicta fc 4. Racking up an impressive Muay Thai record she took to MMA after training along side the Dinky Ninja team. Now sitting at seventh place in the world straw weight rankings and a record of 5-0-0, targets will soon be on a new championship belt collection.

FRMMA: First of all congratulations on the striking clinic that you put on Livia Von Plettenberg, how pleased were you with your performance?

JC: Very pleased. After the fight I was a little disappointed that I never got the stoppage because as a fighter I never want it to go to the judges but after watching it back I was pretty pleased with my performance.

FRMMA: One of the most successful things that you used were those vicious elbows, how hard did you train for those?

JC: Before MMA I was fighting 'A class' Muay Thai (full Thai rules) so elbows are massive for my game, I like to go for the stoppage by elbows.

FRMMA: With you being a Thai boxer why did you transition into MMA?

JC: The gym that I was at had the Dinky Ninja fight team training along side me, I was looking for a new challenge, took up Jiu Jitsu and picked it up pretty fast. I went on to learn wrestling and the next thing you know in-between Thai fights I was training MMA.

FRMMA: Your ranked No.1 straw weight in the UK and No.7 in the world, so are you looking for Esparza next or would you like a couple of fights before that?

JC: That would be down to my managers and Invicta. I have one fight left on my contract and would like to go for the title but I would probably prefer a couple of fights before that. I feel like I still need to prove myself.

FRMMA: Did you watch Esparza's fight?

JC: Yes, it was good to see five rounds. I could be facing either Bec or Carla so it was good to see what they could bring to the table. It was a pretty good fight but it went the way we thought it would.

FRMMA: How important is it to have Invicta pushing women's MMA forward?

JC: Its very important, any big promotions that are new to the scene are taking a big risk.

FRMMA: Is there a next fight lined up or will you be taking a few weeks to just train and recover?

JC: I think I was at the airport on the way back and I was asking James and Paul "when can i fight next?" Hopefully we're looking at a local promotion called On Top, they're looking for an opponent for me and that show is the end of February. So I'll be picking my training up on Monday and hopefully they will get me a match for then.

FRMMA: How many times will you be looking at fighting this year?

JC: The more the better but my managers will be looking at opponents for me. If it was down to me I would be fighting every weekend.

FRMMA: Thank you for your time, is there anyone that you would like to thank?

JC: All of my sponsors and most of all the Griphouse gym and team mates for getting me to where I am now.

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