Andy Ogle: For Josh Grispi, I Have A Venom

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On Feb 16. Andy Ogle will enter the UFC octagon officially, for the second time. His debut saw him lose by Split decision to Akira Corassani back in September 2012 at the Nottingham Capital FM Arena. With a venom inside him he looks for some retribution when he faces Josh Grispi

Grispi had a ten fight winning streak before signing to the UFC however with three losses against Dustin Poirier, George Roop and Rani Yahya another loss could see him seeking a new promotion to fight for, something that Ogle will be glad to remind him off at the weigh ins.

FRMMA: Although you've been fighting in the UK for some time now it was probably the TUF series that catapulted you into the mainstream, how was that experience and would you advise anyone else to do it?

AO: The experience is great but if your going to go for it I would recommend that you think about the afterwards. Things happen very fast whether your ready to deal with it or not, all your thinking about is the competition but you don't think about what's happening to your friends and family. One minute your normal and just trying to compete in MMA and the next minute your on a TV show.

FRMMA: Away from the cameras, what was it like to be in that house and to be with people that you'll be fighting?

AO: With the fighters, I didn't mind. Other than that I like to be a bit private and I like my downtime. I do like to be in front of the cameras but sometimes you just need them to get out your face and unfortunately when you want them out your face, thats probably the best time for them to be recording.

FRMMA: In your official debut fight with the UFC you fought Akira Corassani and lost by split decision, however in the post fight press conference Dana White said he thought you won two out of the three rounds. How did you feel about the decision?

AO: This is sad but funny but I was standing there and i thought they said my name wrong. For a second I thought "My name isn't Akira"? And that was the hardest thing I've ever had to take, I trained 3 1/2 Months for that fight and put a lot of stress behind myself. I didn't believe in UFC jitters before but it very much is real. Akira is a good fighter and I wish him the best but I don't think I fought to the best of my capabilities so for Josh Grispi I have a Venom. I'm trying not to swear as much but I'm going to smash his fucking face in. I want this more than anything and he's not taking it away from us.

FRMMA: Were you pissed off with Akira at all with what seemed like a late strike at the end of the first round?

AO: The thing is Marc Goddard got in the way as well because it was the end of the round so even if it was on the bell surely that should have been a point deduction? I was backing away and he caught me with a cheap shot, it didn't rock me but it caught me by surprise. It was upsetting at the time but things happen for a reason.

FRMMA: Grispi hasn't won a fight since joining the UFC, do you see this being a make or break fight for both of you?

AO: He's lost three in a row now but who's to say he won't get another chance. Leonard Garcia did and Dan Hardy did but not many people go on after four. So how's he going to handle it when thats on his mind. I'm going to remind him at the weigh ins, "Dude your going to lose your job".

FRMMA: Do you think it will make him a desperate fighter knowing that his job is on the line?

AO: He can do one of two things. He's either going to come out 'all guns blazing' which I hope he does or he's going to be very defensive. 

FRMMA: What do you think his game plan is for you?

AO: He's going to headkick. He's going to think "Oh Jesus Christ, Fantastic I'm fighting a midget" I don't know, he hasn't fought in quite a while, he's obviously been working on all aspects of the game but I'll be prepared for whatever he brings.

FRMMA: How excited are you to be fighting back in the UK, for the UFC and what do the fans bring to the table?

AO: The fans are everything, without the fans we wouldn't be getting paid. You get weird questions on Facebook in your private messages like "Andy, what do you eat for breakfast"?

FRMMA: Finally is there anyone you would like to thank?

AO: Firstly MY PROTEIN, they keep me fueled for my training, Team Kaobon and everyone that trains with me and obviously all my family and my friends that put up with me.

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Andy will be fighting on UFC on FUEL 7 at the Wembley Arena on Feb 16.

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You can check out the full uncut interview on the FRONT ROW MMA PODCAST EP 64 which will be released on Sunday Jan 27.